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Latest stable releases

Right-click on the following download link matching your application/version and save the XPI file to your hard disk. In SeaMonkey, you could also left click to start the installation immediately.

For Thunderbird 2.0 / Thunderbird 3.0 / SeaMonkey 2.0:
» Download Quote Colors version 0.3
Size: 37,343 Bytes · MD5: de753b2dca7467027f9e6be7fcddc73e · SHA1: e3f9198d94f6a137baadc2805351fddc106b2a71
For SeaMonkey 1.x:
» Download Quote Colors version 0.3 (SM 1.x)
Size: 44,430 Bytes · MD5: 6f525f85148b14749a138ec91e189b62 · SHA1: 1b933ea9d4fea822edd50b6c8bf4b5a4098ac1e4

These official packages contain the following localizations:

  • Czech (cs-CZ)
  • Danish (da-DK)
  • German (de-DE)
  • English (en-US)
  • Spanish [Spain] (es-ES)
  • French (fr-FR)
  • Hungarian (hu-HU)
  • Italian (it-IT)
  • Japanese (ja-JP)
  • Polish (pl-PL)
  • Russian (ru-RU)

Previous releases

For reference purposes here are links to previous releases. Please always use the latest release from above, if possible.

Version Download for
0.2.9 Thunderbird, Mozilla & SeaMonkey 1.x
0.2.8 Thunderbird, Mozilla & SeaMonkey 1.x
0.2.7 Thunderbird, Mozilla
0.2.6 Thunderbird, Mozilla
0.2.5 Thunderbird
0.2 Thunderbird
0.1c Thunderbird, Mozilla
0.1b Thunderbird
0.1a Thunderbird

Localized versions (external)

Some of the translators provide their own version of Quote Colors which - of course - includes their localization. See the table below for links to their sites. Feel free to try them out if your preferred language is listed. Note that they may not always have the latest version available.

For security reasons, you should not download Quote Colors packages from any other external site than those listed below. If in doubt, download the official release from the top of this page instead.

Language Translator Page
French (fr-FR) Olivier OLab / Geckozone
Italian (it-IT) Pietro Fistetto eXtenZilla
Japanese (jp-JP) Masahiko Imanaka Quote Colors Japanese
Polish (pl-PL) Bartosz Piec
Spanish [Spain] (es-ES) Carlos Proyecto Nave

If your site is missing or you are willing to translate Quote Colors to any language not already included, please send me a message. Thanks!

The quotecolors project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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